Learning Resources

We know you like to keep your professional edge. That's why we provide these technical resources.


Take a deeper dive into the technologies and issues disrupting today’s businesses. We cover topics from medical device development to QML programming.


Gain insight on important issues around software engineering, UX design and product development for regulated and complex industries from medical to manufacturing.


This Week in Qt

Our Qt experts scour Qt blogs, mailing lists, forums, social media outlets, etc. and condense the most important information into an easy-to-read digest for busy developers short on time.



Listen to lively discussions on compelling issues and ideas shaping software product development, with a strong focus on medtech and life sciences.

Quick Reference Guides

With these handy guides, you have convenient access to often-used information on QML and Qt OpenGL.

Source Code

Source Code

Looking for software code for open source Media Manager IVI or Qt-based clients for Google APIs? Find them here.