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Using Figma for Device Design & Rapid Prototyping as Part of the Design Lifecycle


Designing devices is hard, but having the right tools at your disposal makes things much easier. Figma, our current tool of choice and the standard bearer in the design community, makes our lives much easier. Figma is a powerful browser-based tool that enables team members to create and collaborate on designs in real-time.

This webinar will explore the benefits of using Figma (and its sister tool FigJam) for device design and rapid prototyping during every stage of the product design lifecycle. We will talk about how we use Figma to sketch and ideate initial concepts, create workflows, wireframes and mockups, and iterate on designs through rapid prototyping. We will also talk about how we use some of Figma’s features to support developers during code-creation, product QA and final delivery. 

Attendees will learn how Figma can help streamline the design process by enabling quick feedback and iteration, and how it can improve collaboration with other designers, developers, and stakeholders. The webinar will also provide practical examples of how to use Figma in real-world design projects, and best practices for using the tool as part of an effective design process. Whether you are a designer looking to improve your workflow, or a team leader looking to implement Figma into your team's design process, this webinar will provide valuable insights and practical advice.

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About The Presenter


Don Goetz

Don is Manager, User Experience Design Team, at ICS and Boston UX. His expertise spans design for touch, gesture and voice interfaces, as well as embedded devices. He has more than a decade of experience in all phases of the UX lifecycle, including user requirements, persona development, information architecture, wireframing, user/usability testing, and heuristic analysis. He has worked closely with a spectrum of clients in the medical device and healthcare arenas, including Quidel, Tevosol and Setra. He holds a degree in Information Design from Bentley University.