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Moving from C++ to Rust



The Rust programming language has been gaining traction in the past few years, as it is known for its performance, safety and memory management. But is it the right replacement for C++? If you’re looking to switch from C++ to Rust there will be some challenging aspects. This webinar, which includes Rust demos and code examples, will also cover:

  • Similarities and differences with C++
  • The pros and cons of Rust
  • Language features
  • Cargo build system
  • When you might consider adopting it for your software project
  • The future of Rust

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About The Presenter


Craig Cuthbert

Craig is a Qt Engineer with over 20 years experience architecting and developing complex software systems for use within a variety of industries. He has in-depth expertise designing robust software products using C++, Qt/QML and other tools from concept through final production.